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The Biblical Counseling Podcast

Jeff Christianson Ministries Podcast

Feb 8, 2022

There are three goals in soul care. Number one, every believer in Christ needs a word of counsel from God regularly. It’s important to find His knowledge and wisdom in our lives especially if we are going to be instruments of His counsel for others. Number two, we ask God to equip us to counsel others His way. We all need to grow in this area because all Christians are called to give a word of counsel. Third, we want to notice the warnings about deceptive philosophies.

The word of God has warnings that need to be heeded so we don’t give bad counsel and will discern the difference when we receive counsel.

One of the goals of the Biblical Counseling Academy (BCA) is to encourage and help pastors who want to equip ministry teams in their local church (and for any Christians preparing for ministry). The Biblical Counseling Academy was founded with this in mind – for people who need God’s counsel, those who want to be equipped to counsel God's way, and desire to take note of God’s way versus man’s way in the counseling ministry.

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